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Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

I’m your average girl, so of course I like to smell nice. Not only do

I want to smell nice, but I want to have my own signature scent. Over

the years I’ve used many different types of perfume which is why I put

this list together. So I can help others, like me, choose her

signature smell. Scent is the most powerful sense connected with

memory. How are you being remembered?

Gucci Rush5. Gucci Rush- Hit the shelves in 99 and is an intoxicating

combination of spices and florals that are addictive and sensual.

Contains notes of Gardenia, Freesia, Jasmine, Patchouli and Vanilla. I

prefer this scent for night wear when I’m feeling wild.

4. Ralph Lauren Romance- This woman’s fragrance is timeless and evoke

the since of falling in love each time you wear it. This extravagant

woods, velvety musk and seductive woods will lure anyone. Romance

contains notes of lotus flower, patchouli, rose, ginger, yellow

freesia, day lily, yellow freesia, and oakmoss. This scent can be worn

for all seasons.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue- This perfume holds the character ofDolce & Gabbana light blue

cedar wood musk and amber while maintaining an ultra feminine demur.

Notes consist of Bluebell, bamboo, Sicilian citron, amber, granny

smith apple, musk and jasmine sambac. The style is true and deep, I

would recommend this for day wear.

2. Chanel Chance- This fragrance is pretty strong, but I love how it

smells. One spray will keep you smelling like Chance all day, and most

likely into the night as well. This fragrance evolves with the

chemistry of your skin oils and smells different on everyone.

Joy Perfume by Jean Patou1. Jean Patou Joy- Joy Perfume is the best scent I’ve ever bought.

It’s light and girly, not to mention will also last the whole day and

into the night. I’ve received more compliments on this fragrance that

any other I’ve ever purchased which is why I’ll never switch back to

the previously mentioned perfumes. Bottom line, just buy a bottle and

you’ll see for your self. These days you don’t have to pay the high

dollar cost that you would have when it originally hit the market as

the most costliest perfume ever. Jean Patou Joy Perfume

Jean Patou Joy Perfume

Joy Perfume Bottel and boxJoy Perfume by Jean Patou
Joy perfume is fun to wear. You can put it almost anywhere. Joy
perfume is fun to spray, just one spray for the whole day. Sometimes
it’s fun to spray then play. Don’t be alarmed at what’s needed to pay
for this special joy perfume spray. It’s worth every penny because
you’ll be complimented by so many. You can wear it when you go to a
bar. People will be able to admire your scent from afar. (and they
will.) There are so many wonderful things about joy perfume. It can
also be used to spruce up a room. You’re guests will love this
glamorous stuff. They’ll want to spray it when they’re in the buff!
Joy perfume lasts a long time, and can also be worn when out drinking
wine. If I were to rate it I’d give it a 9 even though I wear and
recommend it all the time. Actually I suppose it’s more of a 10
because it’s admired by so many men.
At times when you think you’re a little stinky, just dab and spread,
with your pinky. Men of all ages will love your style, and they’ll be
thinking of you’re joy fragrance for awhile.  Joy perfume is for
people of all ages. And best of all it doesn’t discriminate on pay
wages. You can but it from so many places. But there is one place to
buy it and take minimum paces. Joy perfume can be bought online, which
is great for those with little shop-time. On-the-go or in a bind, then
let Joy perfume ease your mind. No need to look any more this perfume
can meet you at your front door. A few simple clicks is all you need,
to start smelling nice and plant the seed. Joy perfume makes your day
bright, so bright the scent will shine into the night. You’ll love Joy
and giggle with delight. So stop reading and start buying and click
the link that I’m supplying! Buy Jean Patou Joy Perfume